How do I get there

The event is held at Hanging Rock Reserve –  approximately 80km from the Melbourne CBD on the Calder Highway – not far from Woodend.

Hanging Rock Reserve, South Rock Road, Newham, Victoria

Once you get close to the venue you will see traffic directions and marshals to guide you to the correct entry.

Make sure you have your pre-purchased ticket ready to scan at entry gate

What time does the event start?

The gate for display cars opens at 8:00am (Main Entrance to Reserve) – the entry is on South Rock Road 

The gate for general public parking opens at 8:30am and is on Straws Lane

Note:  Changed traffic flows are in effect during the day 

Disability Parking Facilities

As the event is held in a rural setting with mostly parklands there are not a lot of concrete paths or sealed parking spaces.

However, there is a parking bay reserved for vehicles displaying a ‘Disability Parking’ ticket next to the main arena

Please make sure the ticket is clearly visible on the Vehicle Screen and the traffic controllers will direct you via the South Rock Road entrance and the main drive for parking

Club Groups

Clubs are welcome to attend as a group and by following several simple steps will able to set up their own area and small display

Please make sure you head into to the Hanging Rock precinct as a group – one after the other – its suggested that you form up some where like Woodend and travel across – there are limited gathering points once you exit the freeway as these are all country roads

When you get to the Display Entry Gate – and have paid and entered the Park – tell the first Marshal that you are a group – and ideally how many cars there are.

They will make sure you are kept together (as far as is practical).  You are still required to park in designated forms as we are limited by space 

If you have a club banner etc we are happy to see it erected along with a small display – being mindful that you need to leave access for other patrons needing to move around and access their cars.

Our club (MRADMC) does have a small award for the judged ‘Best Club display’ – like all awards for the event this is personal choice by the judges and is meant to be in keeping with the day being not competitive 

How much is the entry fee?

The fee to enter the Hanging Rock reserve is listed below and applies to the vehicles in the Display Areas as well as the general parking

The reserve is managed by the local council 

  • $12.00 per motorcycle (including a passenger)
  • $25 per car – regardless of how many passengers
  • $12 per person excluding the driver for any buses
  • $12 per pedestrian – children free

All tickets must be pre-purchased

 As access to the venue is via country roads there is no local offsite parking available and revised traffic conditions as approved by Vic Roads are in force for the day.

How do I register for the show and trophies?

There is no pre-registration required for the event – just rock up to the gate (following the traffic directions) and scan your pre-purchased entry ticket from EVENTBRITE at the gate.

Parking areas are available across the reserve – and the officials will try and accommodate all reasonable requests. 

This is not a concourse style event -rather a large scale show and shine style event where the organisers aim to showcase classic vehicles from across the eras.

There are a few trophies provided by sponsors but entrants should be mindful that these reflect the preferences of the judge(s) and not the organisers.

The club encourages our sponsors and corporate partners to select vehicles that they consider to be worthy of recognition.

Criteria are advised on the day and are at the discretion of organisers.

What to eat !

Why not make a picnic lunch  and settle in on the grass for a family feed ?

Or – bring a snag or steak to cook on one of the free gas BBQs in the park

Other commercial event style food options organised by the Hanging Rock cafe will also be available onsite, as well as a few local community groups offering more choices.

Can I bring a BBQ?

All forms of BBQs are not permitted to be brought into the reserve  as the event is held during the designated fire danger period for Victoria

The Reserve (council) provides FREE gas BBQs across the park for patrons to share however on extreme risk days these may not be available for use.

(you do need to bring your own utensils and cleaning materials for these shared BBQs)

Alternatively, bring a picnic lunch and relax in the park or purchase some refreshments from the on-site food vendors

CFA personnel will be onsite all day and monitoring the event for breaches of the Reserves restrictions.

Is alcohol allowed?

The event is held in a public Council reserve and as such patrons may bring along refreshments for their own personal consumption.

However, as a family friendly day out and a motoring showcase event, there will not be alcohol sales in the reserve.

Hanging Rock Cafe as a licenced venue will be able to serve alcohol as part of their service to patrons.

We encourage all patrons to drink responsibly and be mindful of general safety requirements in the park and on the roads.

We want to see you all back next year safe and sound.

Can I bring my dog?

We are often asked – CAN I BRING MY DOG ???

Yes you may – as the reserve is a public park dogs are permitted provided they are kept under control and do not annoy other patrons

Please note :-

  • Dogs must be kept on leash at all times
  • Their is no potable water on site – bring your own
  • Owners MUST clean up after their dog